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Akanemaru-Honpo Co., Ltd. Dainagon
2-13-15, Daido 2-chome, Tennoji-ku, Osaka City, Osaka, Japan

Category: Japanese sweets
Product Name: Akanemaru-Gosiki-Dorayaki
Raw Materials: Sugar, flour, chicken eggs, ice sugar, red beans, green beans, starch syrup, peas, honey, mirin, expander

Akanemaru was founded in 1940 as an an-an (bean jam) factory. They currently make more than 50 kinds of dorayaki, and this dorayaki is one of them.


Akanemaru five colors Dorayaki, a speciality of Osaka Shitennoji, and while I was walking in a shop, they were selling Dorayaki which they call "Dorayaki which is so popular that people line up in Shitennoji" (for some reason, it was sold at low price). I'm sorry to say that I've heard the name of Shitennoji (built by Prince Shotoku), but I've never been there. I thought, "Really?", but I won't lie to you, let's try it.

I don't know what it is, but this "Akanemaru five colors Dorayaki" has been running funny TV commercials in the Kansai area recently, and it has become one of Osaka's specialties.

The dough of the moist Dorayaki baked in the batter is fragrant and very delicious. It is characterized by the red bean paste inside and contains five kinds of sweet nattou (Kintoki, Tiger, Uguizume, Shiroteo-mame, and Azuki) as a whole. However, it's doubtful that the ingredient list only lists three types of beans. Maybe this is the Osaka temperament... However, the red bean paste is quite good, as you can feel the flavor of each bean. So, when you put it in your mouth, it gets sucked right into the darkness of your throat. Ah, it's so sad that he's gone so soon.

It is a little expensive for "Dorayaki" because it is elaborate. Maybe it's because it's expensive and it's delicious.
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