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This is the nettori type, which has a nettori texture and a hokuhoku texture.

#) Potatoes are rich in vitamin C

#) How to Eat Sweet Potatoes and Not Fart


Recently, Anno-Imo has come out in the world strangely. It's a sweet potato like honey.

Anno-Imo was originally brought back from Sumatra after the war, and it was cultivated in the Anno area of Tanegashima for their own use and passed down. Then, in 1998, it was improved at the Kagoshima Agricultural Experiment Station through the selection of strains, etc., and became the present Anno-Imo. Because of such a background, Anno-Imo was protected by the Seed and Seedling Law and was produced only in the Tanegashima area until 2013, but this year, in 2016, it has finally jumped into the nationwide cultivation.

Incidentally, Anno-Imo has two types of Anno-Imo: "Anno Beni" (JAS organic certified) and "Anno Kogane" (JAS organic certified). Anno-Imo generally refers to "Anno Beni", while "Anno Kogane", which is difficult to make, is hard to find. Then I heard that the skin of Anou Kogane is white and it is a very sweet potato.

And then there was a special potato called "Anno momiji" which was certified by the prefecture and was grown with less than 50% pesticide and chemical fertilizer. Let's just forget about it.

I bought these potatoes one day at a fair at a supermarket in my neighborhood. And a long one or a round one, it was in the shape of an ordinary sweet potato, thinner in color than a sweet potato, brownish, and, well, the skin part seemed to be about as thin. When I folded it in half, the flesh was orange or golden in color, and the smell was the same as that of a sweet potato. And when I ate it, it had a thick sweet potato flavor, and it was sweet and delicious.

The inside is not fluffy, but moist and watery, with a honey-like moisture welling up. And when the moisture sticks to your hand, it's sticky, so I guess it can be called honey. The flesh is a soft, fibrous mass rather than a starchy substance, and even though it is honey, it feels smooth in the mouth and does not have a heartburning atmosphere.

Hmmm, this is a different kind of sweet potato that looks like a sweet potato but is not a sweet potato. New food treats, they are delicious~.

Memo 2)
Later, the following was introduced on TV.

All Anno-Imo is baked in Kagoshima (Karaimo Farm) and sent to all over the country. It's roughly the following steps.
  • Picked from September to December and aged for two months.
  • Sugar content: 15 to 16°C raw, 39°C baked.
    Bake the mains at 70-80 degrees for two hours to transform the starch into carbohydrates.
  • Further pottery is made. It is heated for one hour in a far-infrared, charcoal fire at a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius. This slowly skips the moisture and condenses the sweetness.
  • This is then frozen and ready to be shipped for a year. He said that this period will also become sweeter as it ripens...

So, before I knew it, Anno-Imo (as of 2019) has become a staple of baked sweet potatoes. Even so, new varieties appear one after another, and some of them surpass Anno-Imo in a popularity poll.
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