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Green Apple Excellent 3Kg
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Suzaka City, Nagano, Japan

Kind: Iwai
Harvest Season: Mid-July to late August


[This time it's a green apple.]
Green Apple is a famous fruit, but there are surprisingly many people (especially the younger generation) who have never eaten it. That's because very few of them are made or sold now. Many of the so-called Green Apples on the market today are called Wang Lin, which is different from the original (old) Green Apple in taste, size and atmosphere.

There are also many products that use Green Apple's scent in gum, syrup and shampoo, but the original scent is the "original Green Apple". No, maybe there are many people who think that when you eat a red apple while it is still green, you can smell it like this.

Incidentally, Green Apple is a variety called "Iwai", which is sold in summer at the beginning of the apple season, and more than 80% of the apples are grown in Nagano prefecture. So, I took a look at the picture and realized that it was a real green apple, and gave it to me as a "celebration".

When I cut a green (small for today's apples) tennis ball-sized Green Apple in half, it had a normal white pulp inside. When I ate the whole skin with a crunching sound, I found that it was a little too quick (to eat). It has a unique aroma, slightly sour and a little blueish.

When it ripens a little more, the texture becomes crispy and sweet, and the green apple aroma becomes more delicious (I think). Green Apple has a thin skin, and the skin is one of the flavors, so it's best to eat the whole skin.

...green apples were originally cheap and familiar, but this isn't so... I think these apples were made to harden and last a long time for Obon offerings.
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