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Tokyo-Banana, I found it!
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Co., Ltd. grapestone M
Tokyo-Banana World
1-33-2, Asagaya Minami, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Category: fresh confectionery
Raw Materials: sugar (starch syrup, sugar), egg, flour, banana, vegetable oil and fat, starch, gelatin, wine, emulsifier (derived from soybeans), seasoning (amino acid), flavoring, expander, (some ingredients contain milk)

Best-Before Date: 7 Days


"Tokyo-banana, I found it!", holy shit, what's this name. I can't say "Tokyo-banana, I found it!" at the store. This item is said to be popular as a Tokyo souvenir recently, but I didn't find it at a souvenir shop in Tokyo Station the other day. Hmmm, was it sold out, or was it only sold in the direct shop...

And I found out later that I was looking for Tokyo-Banana at a souvenir kiosk where many kinds of products are sold. So, what you can't buy unless you go there. It's necessary to confirm the location in advance.

Tokyo-Banana is a yellow banana package that you won't forget once you see it. When I opened the box, I saw the yellow banana-shaped cakes in the bag, lined up in a well-behaved manner.

As soon as I opened the package and took a bite of the long, round, yellow sponge cake Western confectionery, I began to think about something I had been thinking about even before I ate it. It looks just like the Sendai candy, Hagi no Tsuki. The texture of the moist sponge cake and the custard cream in it... However, the cream seems to have bananas in it, and there's a bit of a blackness to it (maybe it's an oxidized banana). Yeah, what's good is good is good. If you eat it chilled, it looks even more delicious.

I looked at "Tokyo-banana" website after several years, and found many kinds of sweets are sold under "Tokyo-banana" brand name, from raisin sandwiches to tarts and roll cakes which are popular in recent years (2010). It's still evolving, isn't it?

As I was thinking, it turns out that Nenrinya's baumkuchen is also from the same company!
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