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Amakusa-Bankan (Kawachi-Bankan)
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Kawaura-machi, Amakusa City, Kumamoto, Japan

A kind of pomelo found in Kawachi-cho, Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture.

Seasons Shipped from March to September


Kawachi-Bankan flowers in May, bears fruit afterwards, and is harvested from March to September of the following year. It is a very rare fruit. You don't realize it for a moment, but upon closer inspection, it's "last year's fruit and this year's fruit live together on one tree. What a strange sight~. This is something I would love to see.

What's more interesting is that there are many citrus fruits of the same type derived from Kawachi-Bankan, such as Misho-kan, Natsu-Buntan, Uwa-Gold, Misho-Gold, Juicy-Gold, Ainan-Gold, etc.

Kawachi is famous for the eastern part of Osaka, but there is also a place called Kawachimachi in Kumamoto.

Kawachi-Bankan is a round shape, but if you look closely, it has a conical shape toward the upper part of the body. Well, it had been a tree for more than a year, so you can see many black spots on the top. They vary in size from the size of a softball to one or two large ones.

So, I peeled off the skin, and found that the outer skin was also yellow, but the inside was also yellow. It was also bright yellow, and it seemed to have little fragrance, partly because it had been a tree for over a year. When I tasted it, I found that this April product was quite juicy and the fruit inside the bag was surprisingly fine and delicate. I guess it's similar to a grapefruit. It is relatively easy to eat, with moderate sweetness and sourness. Also, the seeds are small, but equal to none~.

I've eaten Misho-kan and Uwa-gold of this Kawachi-Bankan before, but Kawachi-Bankan seems to me to be a completely different kind from Misho-kan.

By the way, if you compare Buntan with the fruit, here's how it looks

Bankan, Buntan
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