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Jyukei-Hanten's Banpin
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Maker: Ryomon-shoji Co., Ltd. Jyukei-Hanten
4-43-17 Higashiyamata, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa, Japan

Product Name: Banpin
Raw Materials: red beans, sugar, flour, walnuts, starch syrup, butter, chicken eggs, rapeseed oil, evaporated milk, cheese flour (including soybeans), coloring (gardenia, charcoal powder)

Best-Before Date: About three weeks


When I was looking for a souvenir of Yokohama, I came across "Banpin", a sweets from Jyukei-Hanten, a Chinese Szechuan restaurant that was chosen as a Kanagawa Prefecture designated confectionary (2009). It is a mysterious gem that makes you wonder what it is. What's more, the store's No. 1 selling product was proudly displayed on the sales floor.

Jyukei-Hanten is a long-established restaurant that opened in 1959 as the only Szechuan restaurant in Yokohama's Chinatown," the association said on its website. Incidentally, there are many Chinese restaurants in Yokohama's Chinatown, but the best-established ones are Saika, Heichinro and Daichinro. Hmmm, I guess it's expensive.

I once entered a restaurant in Yokohama's Chinatown and looked at the menu, but I was disappointed because they were all too expensive. It was an upscale Chinese restaurant, not a Chinese restaurant in the town where I lived. Well, when you come here for sightseeing, your purse strings will loosen up too~.

Well, the first Banpin I saw was filled with black bean jam, wrapped in yellow dough, and topped with walnuts. When I sniffed the smell, it smelled like a sweet treat. When I tried it, I found that it had the flavor and texture of a mooncake.

This mysterious black bean jam without stickiness looks like azuki beans mixed with black sesame seeds, but according to the ingredients, there are no black sesame seeds, but charcoal powder is used for coloring. As a Japanese person, I'd like to ask why they turn azuki beans black... Also, the yellow dough is soft and moist and has the texture of a tart.

The taste is lighter than it looks, but needless to say it's full of nutrition. There's no doubt that it's also delicious. From the flavors of walnuts and faintly scented milk, Mamadoru (Fukushima) and Hasekura-Yaki (Miyagi) came to mind from the bottom of my memory.
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