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Product Name: Bettara-Zuke
Raw Materials: radish, rice, rice koji, pickled raw materials: [sugar (sugar, sugar) (high fructose corn syrup), salt, brewed vinegar], polysaccharide thickener, sweetener (stevia, lacanka), preservative (stevia). sorbic acid k), seasoning (amino acids, etc.), antioxidant (vitamin c), acidifier

Best-Before Date: 40 days (requires refrigeration)

Don't rinse the malt with water, wipe it lightly, and cut it into slices a little thicker than usual.


There is a festival called "Bebbatara Market" at Ebisu Shrine in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. Originally, it was a market to sell items used in the Ebisuko Festival, but before I knew it, it was held there. The "Bettara-Zuke" sold became famous and was soon called "Bettara Market". It is said to be like that.

Bettara-Zuke" is put in a plastic bag now, but in the past, it was naked I think it was sold at It was sold at the same time as the candy and rice malt, so it was called "Bettara". It's just a matter of fact~. And the fact that the "li" was changed to "ra" is a cool thing, let's say.

And "Bettara-Zuke", which was taken out of the bag and lightly wiped with koji, looks white and The smell was a little sour. Cut it into thick slices and try to eat it crispy... Well, it was sweet and sour. It's a different flavor from "Takuan", and it's very refreshing. And it didn't have the aroma of the daikon radish pickled in malted rice at all. Well, it's so close to the original type of daikon that you can see the fibers, but it's thinner than the original size. So it's still a pickle!

So I'd like to try it out and see what happens as the day goes on, but it'll probably be gone before then Ugh. And it is sweet and easy to eat, so be careful not to eat too much. And if you don't like takuan, you can eat it too. That's right, it's not takuan, it's something else.
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