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Kamei-Seika Co., Ltd.
1-5-39 Edamatsu, Matsuyama City, Ehime, Japan

Category: fresh confectionery
Product Name: Bocchan-Dango
Raw Materials: sugar, tebo-mame, azuki beans, starch syrup, rice flour, maltose, direct oligosaccharide, egg, matcha paste, matcha, emulsifier, coloring (vitamin B2)


When I think of Matsuyama in Ehime, I think of Dogo Onsen and Natsume Soseki's novel "Bocchan". In the era of the novel "Bocchan", dumplings similar to this one were sold, but it was not until later in the Showa era that they came to be called "Bocchan-Dango".

So, Bocchan-Dango, which I saw in the image, looks like a child's abacus or a Japanese sweets of Kyoto at first glance. If they created these three-color dumplings out of nothing, that's great. Hmm, that's a pretty good idea. According to what I've heard, it was originally two colors of red bean paste and white bean paste.

So, let's get the "Bocchan-Dango".

When I opened the box, there were three Bocchan dangos in three colors. This one looks surprisingly good and there's something exciting about it. When I tried it, it was unexpectedly elegant, and I thought it was the kind of fresh confectionery you see at weddings. As for the rest, there seems to be a transparent mochi in the center of the dango. Hmmm, the difference in flavor between each of the three colored dangos is so subtle that it's hard to feel the difference.

Ah, the taste is very mild. The box looks like it's for children, but the contents are for adults.

I found out later that Utsubo-ya's products are more famous than the ones they use for their TV commercials.
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