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"Sponge cake Chocolate" (Sho-Oh-Ken)
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Co., Ltd. Sho-Oh-Ken IS
Established in 1681 (currently the 10th generation)
3-19 Uonomachi, Nagasaki City, Nagasaki, Japan

Product Name: "Sponge cake Chocolate"
Category: castella
Raw Materials: Eggs, sugar, flour, starch syrup, cocoa mass

Product Name: castella
Category: castella
Raw Materials: Eggs, sugar, flour, starch syrup

Best-Before Date: It was a little over two weeks

"Sponge cake Chocolate"

One day, I received an email that said, "Eat Sho-Oh-Ken's "Sponge cake Chocolate". As a reminder, it's "Sponge cake Chocolate", not Chocotera (though I was the one who made the mistake). So, let's try it.

By the way, Sho-Oh-Ken is a long-established maker that claims to be the originator of castella, but generally, there are many articles that refer to Fukusunaya as the originator of castella, which is older than Sho-Oh-Ken. I'm not sure if it's true or not, because it's quite old-fashioned.

I bought a set of "Sponge cake Chocolate" and castella this time. Then, the faces of the two figures on the box (tsuragamamae) were not good again.

"Sponge cake Chocolate"
The first thing I did was to open the box of "Sponge cake Chocolate" and out came a stunning brown castella-like treat. It had a huge cocoa aroma, and the top and bottom sides were dark brown with a burnt burn, and the bottom side, like the castella, was sprinkled with lame sugar. It is about 2cm thick and has a slit, and when you break it open and eat it, you can taste the cocoa-flavored castella with the occasional crunchy crunch of zalame. There's no reason it shouldn't be tasty.

Yes, the castella has a crisp, refreshing, gentle sweetness with just a hint of bitterness to give it a deep flavor. I couldn't stay in my mouth for very long, my hands were coming out of my throat, and it was a delicious gem. Yeah, that's the real deal. My family is smiling and my wife is safe.
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