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BBQ Ebi-Meshi-Rice-bowl
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Barbecue and Ebi-Meshi's double-tiered lunch box
Black pork and Shinrin chicken from Okayama

Product Name: BBQ Ebi-Meshi-Rice-bowl
Raw Materials: Ebi-Meshi (domestic rice), grilled chicken from Okayama Prefecture, boiled corn, squid teriyaki, simmered black pork chashu from Okayama Prefecture, teriyaki scallop, grilled meat sauce, fried sausage, simmered shrimp, fried shishito, boiled paprika, Kinsei egg (part of ingredients include wheat, milk, soybean, mackerel), seasoning (amino acid etc.), ..

Expiration Date: Ekiben is usually served on the day of the event


When people hear the word "Ebi-Meshi", they usually think of steamed rice with shrimp or grilled rice. Ebi-Meshi" is a specialty dish of Okayama City, which is eaten not only in Okayama Prefecture, but also in neighboring prefectures, in other words, a kind of pilaf.

In fact, I bought this at an ekiben tournament in a department store only because of the name "Ebi-Meshi", which Japanese people love. Well, it's an awkward product called "BBQ Ebi-Meshi-Rice-bowl", isn't it?

When I opened the colorful box, what came out was a collection of toys with gorgeous members. When I looked at it, there were two tiers, and when I peeked at the bottom tier, I saw, oh, black rice and kinshi tamago. This is the one called "Ebi-Meshi". Somehow, it's getting to be awesome.

First of all, I tried the black "Ebi-Meshi" which intrigued me a lot. An unusual flavour with a hint of sourness. The answer, derived from my scant experience, is "It's similar to demi-glace sauce". Oh, there was also a small shrimp in the middle of the rice. Mmm, it's kind of delicious and normal. I guess if you get used to eating it, you'll have an affinity for it like soul food. I've only eaten ekiben yet, so I don't really know what's going on...

Afterwards, we had some goodies, all of which were quite good. I'm afraid I'm losing my mind on the volume of the appetizer...

Later, I saw a TV program featuring "Ebi-Meshi". Apparently, "Ebi-Meshi" was born in Tokyo and spread to Okayama, where it has become a soul food. Even for people from Okayama Prefecture, it's difficult to describe the unique taste in words.

I asked the first shop in Okayama, Ebi-Meshiya, and they told me that the recipe for the dark rice "Ebi-Meshi" consisted of onions, margarine, and Ebi-Meshi sauce, and the "Ebi-Meshi sauce" in question was made from unsweetened caramel, tomato ketchup, and a few spices (a secret).
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