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Co., Ltd. Gokatteya-Honpo
38 Aza Honcho, Esashi-cho, Hiyama-gun, Hokkaido, Japan

Category: Yokan(three)
Raw Materials: Tokachi Kintoki beans, sugar, agar, starch syrup (malt syrup)

There are two types of cans: a single sheet sink and a round can, so be careful


Gokatte-Ya-Yokan is a specialty of Yokan in Esashi Town, Hokkaido. I'd never seen or heard of it before, but I was struck by its nostalgic appearance in a red tube and wanted to try it. Oh yeah, this round tube reminds me of the marble chocolate I used to eat when I was a kid. Don't worry...it's still there.

When you take the lid off the top of the tube and push up the bottom of the other side of the tube, the yokan comes out with a swoosh. But the tip of the yokan was somehow sprinkled with a lot of sugar (zarame). So, it is said to be eaten by cutting it with the string attached to the tube "casually", isn't it human nature to want to eat it as it is?

And when I ate it, it was so good. It tastes a little different from azuki bean yokan. I see, it's the taste of kintoki beans. This is unexpectedly good.

I'm going to eat the second one officially, or rather, I'm going to eat it on my own. First, open the top lid and spill the larder relentlessly, then spill it onto the pre-prepared plate. Next, squeak and push out, cut with string and drop into the plate mentioned earlier. With this, the larder on the plate sticks to the yokan and becomes a good feeling. Yeah, it's pretty fun and delicious! By the way, this method of cutting with thread has been patented by a company in Tokyo. Adults don't like it...
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