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Category: fresh confectionery
Product Name: Goshu-Dango
Raw Materials: Uruchi rice, rice cake flour, top white sugar, soy sauce, starch, salt

Uruchi rice: Omi Rice Koshihikari
Soy sauce: The natural Soy sauce used

Best-Before Date: Freeze for 1 month, 2 days after thawing


When I searched for souvenirs of Shiga, I couldn't find any famous sweets. And speaking of Shiga Prefecture, Lake Biwa, the whole prefecture is like Lake Biwa when you look at a map. There are many specialties of fish from the lake, but my sweet family doesn't like them very much (sorry), so I decided to try one of them, "Goshu-Dango", which might become a speciality in the future.

The dumplings were made with Omi rice koshihikari and Iwasa soy sauce, a local soy sauce that has been brewed in a tub for 120 years.

Unwrapped, there were a dozen items lined up tightly. The white dumplings with the browned surface of the dumplings look very tasty. So, I picked up the chewy dumplings and tried them, but what was inside was not anko, but soy sauce. Yes, the dango itself is a proper rice cake, and it's tangled with the sauce, it's delicious.

This is an excellent product that could become a specialty. It's a real rice cake again, so if you don't eat it soon, it's going to be hard.

This time, they were sent to us as a freezer, and we ate them after thawing, but I'm sure they're even better when they're fresh. I did say that, but sorry, it's only on sale frozen...
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