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Utsunomiya-Gyoza Masashi
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Gyoza Specialty Store Masashi
1-3-39, Takinohara, Utsunomiya City, Tochigi, Japan

Gyoza Raw Materials: Cabbage, spring onion, ginger, leek, garlic, edible pork, seasonings (sesame oil, regular oil, salt, amino acids, etc.), granulated soy protein (including soybean-derived ingredients), skin (flour)
Tare Raw Materials: Vinegar, regular oil, laa oil


Utsunomiya seems to be the biggest gyoza consumer in Japan (at the time). At Utsunomiya, gyoza is a fast food restaurant, but it was built by Manchurian repatriates who built a delicious gyoza restaurant. And now it has become famous all over the country, and the number of gyoza restaurants has increased, and the gyoza has become more delicious through friendly competition.

When I thought about it, I had never been to a gyoza specialty restaurant, and when I thought of gyoza, I could only think of gyoza in a ramen restaurant and Chinese restaurant. Therefore, I am impressed by the fact that there is a gyoza specialty restaurant. So I ordered some gyoza from Masashi, one of the most famous gyoza restaurants in Utsunomiya.

Put the dumplings in a frying pan over high heat with a large amount of oil and put the dumplings on the table, immediately pour boiling water into the pan until half of the dumplings are covered. And when the moisture is gone and it is burnt, it is ready. Wow, that's how you make them.

So, the attached sauce smelled like cold chinese sauce and had red, blue and black sticky chili peppers in it. When you put the gyoza on the gyoza, the chili peppers stick to the gyoza sparsely and evenly.

When I tried it, it was so good. Even if you don't like gyoza, you might like it, it's a delicious gyoza. No wonder it's become such a famous restaurant. He wants to eat 20 to 30 of these.

Later, watching TV, I learned that Utsunomiya-Gyoza is eaten with vinegar, and that most of the sauce is vinegar. So, that's what it smelled like, like the sauce of hiyashi chuka...
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