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Category: Confectionery
Product Name: Harbour
Raw Materials: Egg, Sugar, Chestnut, Wheat flour, Vegetable oil and fat, White bean paste, Milk, Butter, Starch syrup, Dairy products, Expanding agent, Wine, Flavor, Salt, Emulsifier, Stabilizer (polysaccharide thickener), Antioxidant (V.C.), Coloring (Turmeric, Gardenia) (including other raw materials derived from soybeans)


When I was writing this article, I didn't have any information on the Internet, and I found out about "Ariake-Harbour" through an email I received from a reader. According to the official website, the company that made these sweets went bankrupt and their employees and fans of the sweets gathered together to revive Harbor in 2001.

It's one of those sweets that everyone in Yokohama knows and loves. Hmm? I wonder why it went bankrupt.

p.s. According to the information that came out afterwards, he invested in real estate during the bubble period, as we often hear, and failed, as we often hear.

It's bright blue paper box is a marine color. And what you can take out from the inside is a boat-shaped candy that looks like a potato at first glance. When I ate it, I felt some crunchiness in some places, and then I realized that it was probably chestnuts. Well, I think it's a common flavor, but it's delicious.

In addition, there is a starchy mound inside, and the texture is moist, and it is a kind of Western confectionery, but it is also a bit like a cookie and a bun... Well, it's a bit of a stylish snack for everyone...

That's what Yokohama is all about, and the packaging is a nice touch that makes people want to buy it and people who receive it excited. But compared to the boxes and bags, the simplicity of the sweets that came out was a bit different.
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