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Plateau Hana-Mame
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Category: Hana-Mame (seasoned)
Raw Materials: Hana-Mame态sugar, salt
no added, low sugar

Plateau Hana-Mame

The unfamiliar "Hana-Mame" is a member of the genus of green beans, purple Hana-Mame and white Hana-Mame, and is grown only in cooler areas above 700 meters. It seems to be generally called Benibana-Ingen (this is also unfamiliar), and it is also called "bride sacrifice" in Urabandai Kogen in Fukushima. These beans are 3cm in diameter and are also used as a good luck charm because of the red and white beans. I see...it's hard to find such high quality beans.

In terms of production, Hokkaido is the main place of production, but in view of the traditional culture, Nagano's Hana-Mame.

Hmmm, it's huge. I've never seen such a big bean before. It's about twice as much as a lentil. When I halved it and ate it, it was white inside, and I thought, "Oh, this is a delicious bean. The taste is similar to that of tebomame used in white bean paste. This is good. It's not big but it's deep and elegant. The skin is darker than azuki and a little harder, but there doesn't seem to be much resistance.

Even so, it's huge. I'd like to see this bean in action. I wonder what Saya is like.

Apparently, in the Karuizawa area of Nagano, they put this Hana-Mame into red rice. It's used authentically, like red beans, and it's gorgeous to look at. It's yummy.

Since I knew this bean, I've been paying attention to it in supermarkets and other places, and it's sold surprisingly well. But it's a bit small. I guess it's a foreign product.
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