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Hanasaki-Gani box lunch(JR Wakkanai Station)
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Category: box lunch
Product Name: Hanasaki-Gani box lunch
Raw Materials: Rice, Hanasaki crab, Salmon roe, Scallops, Chicken egg, Shiitake mushroom, Ginger, Vinegar, Soy sauce, Sugar (glucose and fructose sugar, sugar), Salt, Mirin, Rice malt and seasoning for brewing, Bonito soup stock, Starch, Sake, Fermented seasoning, Alcohol, Seasoning (including wheat, soybeans and mackerel), Seasoning (amino acids, etc.), Color (vegetable color, caramel, carotene), Sweetener (stevia, sorbit), Preservative (polylysine), Glycine, Glycerin ester, Antioxidant (V.C.), Na phosphate, Sour taste, pH adjuster


Hanasaki-Gani is sometimes reported on TV, but I have never seen or eaten Hanasaki-Gani. The crab looked like a small red king crab and had a painful spiny spine. Also, when raw, it's dark like a red king crab, but when boiled, it turns bright red and looks exactly like a blooming flower. One of the reasons for the name "Hanasaki" seems to be that a lot of fish are landed in Nemuro's Hanasaki port.

By the way, Hanasaki-Gani lives in the shallow sea north of the northeastern part of Hokkaido, and it is caught only in the east coast of Hokkaido, which makes it a very precious crab. The fishing season (opening day) is summer, from mid-July to one month and from early to mid-September (according to the Hokkaido Tourism Promotion Organization 2008).

[Hanasaki-Gani box lunch] (Excuse me)

The box lunch came in a small but fancy box (made of Styrofoam). So I sniffed it, and it smelled like a crab. And when I tried a chunk of what I thought was the meat of a leg, I felt it was similar to the flavor of a hairy crab, if I hadn't noticed. And the fine and plump fibers are similar to hairy crabs. Then, eat it with the seasoned rice under the crab, mmm, this is delicious.

However, only half of the surface of the box lunch box contained crabs, and I ended up tasting them, leaving me with a mental foggy feeling. Well, I still felt like eating Hanasaki-Gani, but this is not enough to talk about Hanasaki-Gani. However, the other half of the meal was also delicious. Especially the small scallop is delicious with tsukudani flavor.

Hanasaki-Gani is said to eat kelp, it is also called kelp crab in the local area. It's generally steamed and eaten. Because it's better than boiling it.
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