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Higashimaru Udon Soup
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Maker: Higashimaru-shokuhin Co., Ltd.
Shop: Higashimaru-shoyu Co., Ltd.
100-3 Tominaga, Tatsuno-cho, Tatsuno City, Hyogo, Japan

Category: Udon Soup (Soup stock)
Raw Materials: salt, powdered soy sauce, sugar, glucose, soy protein enzyme decomposer, spring onion, bonito flakes, kelp, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), caramel coloration, (some ingredients include wheat)

Best-Before Date: About 10 months when it arrived.

How to Store: Store at room temperature and avoid high humidity.

For the Vegetable stir-fry, Okonomiyaki, Yose-nabe, cooked rice, steamed egg custard, chawanmushi, lightly pickled vegetables, soup, hot-pot udon noodles, hot water noodles, rolled egg with dashi, simmered taro.

Higashimaru Udon Soup

We tend to associate "udon" with the Kansai region. I eat udon but I feel that I am more of an udon eater. The Kansai people in Japan recommend "Higashimaru Udon Soup". Is it really that good? So I thought I'd try it. To tell you the truth, I was recommended Higashimaru Yakimaru Yakimeshi no moto before and I thought it was just a normal meal! I used to think it was a good idea, but now I just want to get into it again. No, those who believe in it will be rewarded (eventually).

It's a bit of a pain in the ass to make, and it takes time to make the soup separate from the pot in which the udon noodles are boiled. When I looked at the inside of the finished bowl, I saw that the clear soup was only slightly browned. Sipping the soup, I found out that it was very clear and had a slight brown color. It's pretty thin. I tried to sip it over and over again to satisfy my frustration, but it wasn't my imagination, it was still thin. It was. I gave up and tried the main ingredient, udon, and it tasted different from the usual udon. But it had a richness to it, and it was probably delicious.

When I tried the ingredients, the soup was simple, but the ingredients (green onions and deep-fried tofu) were a bit overpowering. The flavors came out clearly, and it was a very tasty maki. It was like music with a loudness to it, with a crisp and clear taste. So that's what it was all about~. Hmmm, it's good. I usually leave a little bit of soup out, but I ate it all.

One day, more than half a year after I wrote this article, "Higashimaru" was broadcast on national television. I found a commercial for "The World's Most Popular Food". Oh, I didn't know that it was already becoming a national trend~. That means it's being sold at the local supermarket too?
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