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Co., Ltd. Tokyo Hiyoko
2-7-7, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Category: Confectionery
Raw Materials: ingen beans, sugar, wheat flour, eggs, sorbit, distensives, colorant (vitamin B2)


In the old days, "Hiyoko" was the standard souvenir of Tokyo, I think. But nowadays, I don't think the number of people who buy it is decreasing around me. I think it's because it's too famous and not very artistic. The charm of its shape is eternal and immortal, and it is still popular among small children. I think it's a souvenir!

When I was in Fukuoka before, I found these snacks sold under the same name for some reason. Hm? I thought "Hiyoko" was in Tokyo? It's the same candy. Actually, this "Hiyoko" originated in Fukuoka and was sold in Tokyo as well. It was also made into a And, because of the popularity of this candy, there are many similar products out there!

I opened the wrapping to reveal a slippery, cute chick. You can almost hear it beeping in the air, and it smells delicious. Then I felt like Godzilla and took a bite of the chick. I hadn't had this in a long time, but it was like a western style bun, and the thin dough was very thin and tasty. It's filled with a lot of sweet whitish sweet bean paste. Hmm, I often come across these kinds of sweets these days.

I wonder if the taste hasn't changed in the past, but nowadays I feel they're quite sweet. I need a cup of tea for this one~.
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