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JA Himuka
299-1, Oaza Tomitaka, Hyuga City, Miyazaki, Japan

Harvest Season: Late March to late April
Grow a bag.


Hyuga-Natsu is a specialty (native) fruit of Miyazaki Prefecture, also known as "Shonatsu" (Kochi) and "New Summer Oranges" (Miyazaki and Ehime), and there are many variations of the names, and it is the mother of citrus. I don't know why the Hyuga-Natsu has a leaf on it like a trademark, so it's not like the Hyuga-Natsu in this picture just happened to have a leaf on it.

The Hyuga-Natsu on the table is very beautiful. Halvar from the south came to this table.

Contrary to my expectations, there was almost no fragrance when I took it in my hands. The color is yellow like a lemon, the size of a pear, and the shape is similar to a pear. It has a youthful look that makes you wonder if it's really ripe.

When I peeled the thick skin with my hand, the inside was pure white, and the white skin was surprisingly soft and fluffy. The flesh in the center is also whitish, so I guess the scenery is similar to that of a grapefruit. When I peeled off the bag and tried it, I found it to be very elegant and similar to a grapefruit (with less acidity).

It wasn't sweet, it wasn't sour, and it disappeared into the back of my throat with a slurp. But it's not good for a poor person like me, including the price.

I heard later that it is good to eat the thick white skin inside (also known as cotton) and the fruit together. He said that's how everyone eats locally.

One day, I learned that the white part of citrus fruits is called albedo and is rich in vitamin P. This vitamin P is said to stabilize vitamin C, which is usually unstable.
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