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Mori Station on the Hakodate Main Line
Ikameshi Abe Shoten Co.
112 Miyuki-cho, Mori-machi, Kayabe-gun, Hokkaido, Japan

Product Name: Ika-Meshi
Raw Materials: Squid, Uruchi rice, glutinous rice, sticky rice, coarse sugar, soy sauce (some ingredients include wheat)


I've seen "squid-meshi" in many places, but for some reason I've never had it. I had the image that if it didn't taste good, I'd probably throw it out in the middle. In fact, I have a memory of failing to make a squid roast, which was sold at a street vendor at a festival and looked delicious.

But when I heard that there was a delicious "ikameshi" at Mori Station on the Hakodate Main Line, I decided to try it once. Ekiben is usually priced around 1,000 yen, but it was 470 yen (in 2005). It's cheap. Why is it so cheap!

When I opened the simple and simple red paper box, the smell of squid boiled in soy sauce was suddenly in the air. If you look at it, it looks like it is very delicious. And the entrance of the body of the squid was stopped by a clapper, so it was a small squid, wasn't it? When I put it on my head with all my heart, the squid was filled with rice (that's how I would describe it), and the texture and flavor of the rice and the squid really matched each other.

The slightly chewy rice was cooked well with the squid, and you could tell from the color of the rice that the flavor was well absorbed into the rice. Hmm, the squid is surprisingly soft and easy to eat. Yes, eating two cups of squid is a bit of a luxury, isn't it. Mmm, this is good, it's delicious. It's pricey and it tastes great. There's a specialty ekiben at Mori station.

In Hakodate, the town of squid, each family has its own culture of making "squid-ameshi", and each family has its own way of making squid-ameshi. Naturally, "ikameshi" is sold at Hakodate morning markets for tourists, and it has become a specialty.

p.s. The price of the 2015 "Ikameshi" has risen more than 10% to 650 yen in one fell swoop. The reason is that the consumption tax was raised to 8% last year and the yen's sharp depreciation to 120 yen to the dollar caused the price of squid from New Zealand to soar.

In 2017, the 650-yen bento was raised by 130 yen to 780 yen from August 20. The reason for this is that in recent years there has been a continued lack of fishing for squid due to changes in seawater temperature and other factors, as well as a lack of fishing in the southern hemisphere, which is our main source of supply.

昔のいかめしLater, as I was watching TV, I found out that the old "ikameshi" used to have four squid in it. Maybe the squid was too small...
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