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Category: Ikinari-Dango
Raw Materials: sweet potato, sweet red bean paste (sugar, red beans, reduced water candy, salt), wheat flour, sugar, glutinous rice flour, salt


The meaning of Ikinari-Dango seems to be different, but it is generally taken to mean "easily and immediately. "Ikinari-Dango used to be common in Kumamoto homes, but nowadays it is made all over Kyushu and has become a popular dumpling in Kyushu. I wonder if the fact that it has become so popular means that it is delicious. No, it has to be. On the face of it, it doesn't look like it.

Ikinari-Dango looks like a battered object. When I cut this into two pieces, the skin is a thin, mochi-like thing, and the inside is a sweet potato. No, there's an enco at the top, too. When I tried it, I found that the sweet potato inside was not a processed one, but a cut sweet potato itself. The skin, which I thought was a rice cake, was a chewy texture dumpling (skin) made from flour with a salty taste. Overall, the sweet potatoes were the mainstay, with little anko presence, and the outer crust made it more palatable. Hmm, I guess this is the taste of a home-cooked meal without any frills.

It is strange that it has spread all over Kyushu, but it is understandable if one thinks that it is steamed using sweet potatoes instead of red beans because of the fact that sweet potatoes are abundant in the region. Perhaps it reigns as a home flavor or soul food rather than a product.

2017.06 "Kumamoto Ikinari-Dango" was registered as a trademark for a local organization. Hmm, wait a minute. I think Kyushu is a good place to get along as one.
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