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Black koji strainer Heihachiro
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Product Name: Black koji strainer Heihachiro
Raw Materials: Sweet potato, rice malt
Alcohol content: 25 degrees Celsius

Speaking of sweetpotato shochu, don't forget about Kagoshima which is a great powerhouse other than Miyazaki.


The syochu liqueur commonly drunk in Japan is barley syochu liqueur, and it is easy to drink. Then, there is Imo-Shochu, which is a popular syochu liqueur other than the barley syochu liqueur, but it was not popular with the barley syochu liqueur because of its strong aroma. (However, in 2009, it was reversed and Imo-Shochu is now at the top of the list.

So, the Imo-Shochu I've drank until now has no particular habit, but this time, seeing the difference between the barley and the potato, I had a new idea.

Why this shochu? Because it was there...

Anyway, I took a sip. Hmmm, this Imo-Shochu has a unique smell. Was it a mistake to drink it with plum water, like the barley syochu liqueur I usually drink... Hmmm, I'm going to be scolded by Tu. So, Imo-Shochu should be enjoyed like old Awamori sake. Hmmm, I think I'm going to like it once I get used to it, but I guess it's still not enough training for that to happen.

This shochu is made from sweet potatoes and black koji, and is a sturdy, authentic Imo-Shochu. It was described as "a fragrant shochu with a connoisseur's taste.

You can't appreciate something like this just by drinking a little bit of it. Anyway, this is the first chapter, so please excuse me.

In the article, I wrote that I always drink "ume wari", but that was a long time ago when I didn't drink much shochu. Nowadays, "with water" or "with hot water" is the standard way to drink shochu. Well, one of the factors is that I've started to choose appropriate stocks.

Incidentally, Imo-Shochu's Black Kirishima was the best-selling barley shochu drink in Japan in 2012, beating out Iichiko, a barley shochu drink that had previously been popular in paper cartons.

In the past, when barley shochu was widely used, sours and plum drinks were popular. Nowadays, the way of drinking has changed to enjoy the aroma of Imo-Shochu, and just drinking it with water or hot water is common.
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