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Category: Fried kamaboko (fish meat paste product)
Product Name: Jyako-Tempura
Raw Materials: Fish meat (Firefly-Jyako, sea bream, cod), starch, egg white, soy protein (not genetically modified), natural salt, sugar, glucose, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), preservatives (sorbic acid), some ingredients include wheat, eggs, soybeans, and raw materials)


Firefly-jyako is a small fish (3 to 10 centimeters long) caught in the Uwai Sea, which faces the Bungo Channel and is sandwiched between Kyushu and the west of Shikoku, and its tempura is made by grinding and deep-frying its bones. Originally, the first feudal lord of the Iyo-Uwajima clan (the first feudal lord of the Iyo-Uwajima clan was the son of Date Masamune) brought in a fish cake maker from the Date clan (today's Miyagi prefecture: famous for its sasa-kama).

Incidentally, Firefly-jyako is a small fish that glows like Firefly...

The "Jyakoten", which was baked a little, was very savory and appetizing. Since it was grilled, it looks like a satsuma fry, but when you eat it, it doesn't have the oiliness of a satsuma fry, and when you chew it, you can sometimes feel the crunch of Firefly-Jaco's small bones.

When I cut it, it was the gray color of minced fish inside. And with a firm salty taste, it's no wonder you want to eat rice. When I dipped it in wasabi soy sauce, it was very good. I'd like to sip some sake.

Firefly-jyako is a small fish called harumbo in the local area, and there are some professional harumbo fishermen who are very good at it.

Jyakoten is known locally as tempura and is a popular food that can be added to ramen, yakisoba and miso soup. It's sold in supermarkets as a matter of course, and it's also sold at food stalls.
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