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Jyojyoen Special-Yakiniku-Bento
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Co., Ltd. Jyojyoen
1-20-4 Horinouchi, Adachi-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Category: bento (Japanese box lunch)
Raw Materials: Rice (domestic), Beef, Kimchi (Chinese cabbage, apple, etc.), Namul (radish, carrot, etc.), Wakame seaweed in soy sauce, kidney beans, sugar, soy sauce, mirin, seasoning for brewing, sesame oil, sake, garlic, leek, vinegar, ginger, kombu extract, sesame seeds, bonito soup stock, pepper, seasoning (amino acid, etc.), lactic acid Ca, preservative (sorbic acid K), colorant (yellow 4, green 1, paprika color), sweetener (sorbit), phosphate (Na), pH adjuster, bleach (sulfite), casein Na (ingredients include wheat, shrimp, soybean, milk, and pork)

Expiration Date: Within 6 hours of production

Jyojyoen Special-Yakiniku-Bento

It's a yakiniku restaurant that I remembered because entertainers kept saying "Jyojyoen, Jyojyoen!" (it looks like it's on location bento). It is a chain of high-end yakiniku restaurants, mainly in the Tokyo area. After that, it's expanding to the whole country.

One day, I went to a nearby department store where they were selling their lunch box at a product exhibition. Then, out of the crowded exhibition halls, only one corner was somehow vacant. Moreover, for some reason, there are many shopkeepers in the front of the store. Oh, no? It was a bento, and I was high on it, that eye is ten. There were four types of bentos in there, "Huh! They were solemnly lined up in order of price, with names such as "Special Selection", "Top", etc.

Without thinking for a moment, I bought the "special yakiniku bento" at the end of the cheapest one, which was appropriate for me, according to the voice of heaven from the tip of my smartphone. No, it's kind of embarrassing...

It's on the table in our house. He opened a black, gold-banded paper box, and inside was a black plastic-cased lunch box. When I opened the lid, I saw that it was, ho ho, a sight to behold. The scenery does not disappoint me, but it's quite nice. Next to the main course of yakiniku, a well-behaved array of kidney beans with wakame in soy sauce, namul and kimchi. After pouring the sauce over the grilled meat, we waited to try it.

It's good! How can it not be good? What is that thing that you know is delicious the moment you put it in your mouth? Even though I haven't put it on my tongue yet, I'm afraid that my instinct tells me that it's delicious (or maybe it's the smell). I had underestimated that all yakiniku was the same. I now know with my tongue the breadth of the world. We ate it cold without heating it up, but it was still delicious. No, I am overwhelmed, that I am.

Oh, the taste? In other words, it's like the taste of a yakiniku restaurant.
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