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Co., Ltd. Meibutsu-Kamado
30-62, Okinohama, Sakaide City, Kagawa, Japan

Category: fresh confectionery
Product Name: Meibutsu-Kamado
Raw Materials: Flour, sugar, lentils, eggs, honey, starch, cornstarch, expander

In the past, a monk named Gyogi-Bosatsu taught a method of making salt using a kamado, which became the basis for the flourishing salt making industry. He wrote.


What is "Meibutsu-Kamado"? Isn't it a foul play to call it a specialty from the beginning? No, no, it's a sales promotion. Well, it's a good specialty, but what's a kamado? You mean the kamado that you boil in a wooden pot? Normally, there are no kamado in sweets. Great, too great a name. A genius appears.

So, we decided to eat this "Kamado" this time. Since the name is "Kamado", we have high expectations, but I don't know if it will work.

Then, time went by and I looked at the official website, which had been built before I knew it, and found out that the "kamado" was used to refine salt locally. Then, I looked at the city's website, and it said, "Sakaide City has been developed by making salt. I see, that's how it works, it's commonplace in the area, I understand.

When I opened the box with the meaningful picture (what in the world is that?), I found a strange candy in it. If you look closely, it looks like a Kamado, and the middle of one side is dented. It's surface is quite dry and powdery. When I tried it, I found a yellow starchy red bean jam inside, so it's easier to think of it as a Tokyo Hiyoko-style manju. I would also like to add that tea is necessary because it is sweet.

If you don't know its name, you'll be wondering what it is. Because of its strange shape, it's hard not to think about where to start eating it.

Recently, they have been selling "choco-kamado" and "premium choco-kamado" only for Valentine's Day and "sakura-kamado" only for the cherry blossom season.
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