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Sakai specialty Keshi-Mochi
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Category: fresh confectionery
Product Name: Keshi-Mochi
Raw Materials: Red beans, sugar, rice flour, poppy seeds


Poppy seeds are often sprinkled on top of bread, for example, as a sprinkle. As you may know, poppy is not supposed to be grown (in Japan today). This "poppy rice cake" may have been made in the past because poppy was often picked in Sakai, Osaka. Of course, today's poppy seeds must be imported, right?

But later on, the official website started describing the story. By the way, this poppy rice cake is wonderful in its splendid shape covered with poppies.

Keshi-Mochi, which is about the size of a ping-pong ball, is a bun shaped like a ball crushed from the top and covered with poppy seeds all over. The poppy seeds made a popping sound and a wonderful aroma filled my mouth. The skin of the main body of the rice cake is thin and has a chewy texture, and it is filled with a little soft "koshi-an".

Hmm, this is unexpectedly good. It's good. The smell of this poppy is indescribably good. The woody aroma that separated the rice cakes in the box also seems to have shifted a bit, enriching the flavor. Wow, this is interesting. Fantastic! I want to eat it again.
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