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Category: Confectionery
Raw Materials: Almond, sugar, white chocolate, egg white, margarine, flour, emulsifier, flavouring, antioxidant (V.E), colouring (beta-carotene) (some ingredients include milk and soy)

Best-Before Date: About a month and a half later
It said, "Store in the refrigerator.


I learned that "Kibana" is one of the sweets that won the Canadian prize in the "Attractive Japanese Souvenirs Contest 2007". No, I've never heard of these sweets, but I was wondering what they were.

It seems that there was a person who called the diamond dust in Hokkaido in winter "Kibana", from which the name "Kibana" was derived. So, I heard that it's a candy made with hand-baked almonds in a galette style (*1) and sandwiched with white chocolate.

Well, Kibana is now famous, but at the time it was a total unknown in the whole country.

*1)Galette: A local dish from Brittany, France. It is made from buckwheat flour and looks like a crepe with a slightly rough texture.

When I took out the "Kibana" from the white box, which reminded me of snow, it was a round, pumice-like, cookie-like thing with holes in it. And those two thin disks are shaped like cream between them. When I tried it, it was surprisingly hard, but when it made a crunchy sound, it gradually melted away. The cream inside had the texture of peanut cream, and the balance with the pumice stone cookies was a great match!

I think it's basically a cookie, but it tastes like a combination of cookies, caramel and peanuts. If you force it, the flavor is similar to that of a macaroon in a dessert. Yes, this is delicious. If it were me, I'd want this as a souvenir of Hokkaido. It was a masterpiece that made me wonder why it hadn't been buried until now.

#) I wrote it as peanuts, but I guess it's almonds, considering the ingredients.
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