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Co., Ltd. Kinman
2-16, Higashidori 1-chome, Akita City, Akita, Japan

Category: fresh confectionery
Product Name: Kinman
Raw Materials: Flour, sugar, eggs, honey, baking powder, white bean jam


It goes without saying that Kinman is a specialty souvenir of Akita City. It's quite famous in the local area, but not so well known to strangers. If you ask a former Akita citizen who has left his hometown about Kinman, he will feel a lot of nostalgia. This is made at a place called Kinman Honpo in front of Akita Station. You look like you've eaten a manjuu before, but you haven't.

At first glance, it looks like a small Oban-Yaki (Imagawa-yaki), but the branding of Kinman on the surface makes it look elegant. If you sniff the smell, it's Oban-Yaki. When I took a bite of it, the rough texture of the manjuu (as I have said many times) was close to that of a big bun, and the white bean jam inside was the secret. Furthermore, I think the skin has a castella-like atmosphere.

I ate it a day after I made it, but the taste was normal. However, the freshly baked one may be delicious. No, I've heard it's good.

2016.12 "Hello Kitty Kinman" has been released...

Kinman is similar to "Miyako Manju" found in the Kanto region or "London Yaki" in Kyoto. Manju, which once sold so fast, has gradually dwindled in number and is now just a local specialty.
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