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Chin-kasho Sugaya
19-14 Izumi-cho, Takarazuka City, Hyogo , Japan

Category: Japanese confectionery
Product Name: Kinpukurin
Raw Materials: sugar, large glutinous rice beans, azuki beans, chestnut sugar, syrup, eggs

Expiration Date: About 1 week
How to Store: Requires refrigeration (keep below 10°C)


I've been looking at this site for some time, and I found Kinpukurin. That's where I found Kinpukurin. I heard it was too good to be true. The restaurant is located in Takarazuka, Hyogo. It's the age of the Internet, so I was able to get a taste of this gem, and with the power of the Internet, I was able to place a quick order.

By the way, the word "Kinpukurin" is also used for furniture and armor. It seems to be used to decorate the edges of gold leaf. In this case, it seems to be just a little bit of gold leaf in the middle.

Kinpukurin, which is about the size of a coffee cup in diameter, has a yellow cheese-like texture as you can see. It was a solid mass, with a gold leaf flap in the middle. I cut it into four pieces according to the description, and found koshi-an inside the yellow dough, with sweet chestnuts in the center. Ten.... Hmmm, there seems to be almost no smell.

When I try it, it falls apart unexpectedly and slushy, yes, fresh confectionery. The texture and taste is very pungent. The inside of the koshian is more moist than the surrounding area, and when you get to the sweet chestnut in the center, you can finally get to a stable object Arrive. That's right, in fresh confectionery, there's egg pudding, koshian, and It's like having a sweet chestnut or something like that, a luxurious Japanese candy~. It's the most elegant, fresh and elegant candy in my life, even for the price. It's confectionery, isn't it?

My wife, who is not usually interested in Japanese sweets, smiled and said it was delicious.
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