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Category: Confectionery
Product Name: Oedo-Kintsuba
Raw Materials: red beans, sugar, wheat flour, agar, salt, emulsifier, white egg powder, yam


Kintsuba has become one of the most popular Japanese sweets nowadays. It sounds heartless. I wonder if young people today know what "Kintsuba" is. Well, that's aside from the fact that I'm wondering if young people today know "Kintsuba".

If there is a gold spit, there must be a silver spit, too. Originally made in Kyoto, the silver spit was brought to Edo (now Tokyo) for its good omen. The original shape of the box was round, like the flange of a sword, but nowadays the shape is square, probably because it is easier to pack in the box. The original shape was round, resembling the flange of a sword, but nowadays, square shapes are more common, perhaps because they are easier to pack in a box. It has become the mainstream, and there is no longer any distinction between "silver and gold spit".

I ate the one which I found at a minor product which is sometimes held at a supermarket in my neighborhood.

The size of the buns was like "Kintsuba", which is so-so commonly seen, and it was just a normal bun. About. And the Kintsuba, which is wrapped in a thin crust on the outside, has the branding of Ooedo on it. The inside of the Kintsuba is filled with azuki bean paste wrapped in agar, and it's quite refreshing! It is a moderately sweet baked cake with a light texture, but the flavor of azuki beans can be felt.

It's not enough, but yes, it's simple and good. It is not a yokan, a bun, a yubeshi or a uirou. After all, Kintsuba has its own unique taste. After eating it cold, I found out that it might be similar to a water yokan. Hey!
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