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Koimari brewery Co., Ltd.
3288-1 Nagazato Ko, Niri-cho, Imari City, Saga, Japan
Koimari 4th generation, Junmai-shu
Vessels: Arita-Yaki, by Bunpachi Studio

from left to right in the photo
Sometsuke: octopus arabesque, Koimari style: peony arabesque, Nabeshima style: tachibana

Classification : Junmai-shu
Raw rice: 100% Yamadanishiki produced in Arita-cho, Saga Prefecture
Rice polishing ratio: 65%
Extraction site: Izumiyama, Arita Town, Saga Prefecture
Raw Materials: rice and rice mills
Alcohol content: 15 degrees or more but less than 16 degrees
Volume: 180ml


I knew about Koimari-Cup-Sake a long time ago, and I wanted it for some reason. It wasn't that I wanted to drink it, I wanted it. However, I couldn't buy it because it was out of stock at that time, but when I suddenly remembered this time and ordered it, I was able to buy it without difficulty. I've only been admiring Koimari for a while now because of the popular TV show "Nandemo Appraisal Dan"...

Incidentally, Imariyaki seems to have come to be called Imariyaki because it was fired in Arita and shipped from Imari Port to Europe. The Koimari is an old Imari ware from the 1600's, so this cup is an Imari ware (Arita ware) without the word "Ko" on it. However, since the name of the maker is Koimari Shuzo, I can't complain about it.

There are currently three different types of cups. The leftmost cup in the picture has a smooth surface, while the other two have an uneven texture that you can feel the pattern on your hand. I learned that there are many different types of Arita ware. I'm afraid to study too much and become a trickster, though.

So, when I popped the metal lid and drank it, I felt a sweet taste. It's a junmai-shu, as you'd expect. There's no way it's not good.

It may be unrelated, but if you drink it while eating sushi, sake is the perfect accompaniment to sushi. It's such a good match that I regret eating sushi with beer in the past. Sake of rice and sushi of rice. I had forgotten about the secrets of Japanese food. A cup of sake is pretty good too.
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