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Shinshuu-Obuse-Kuri-Ka Jyun Kuri-Kanoko
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Category: fresh confectionery
Product Name: Jyun-Kuri-Kanoko Big
Raw Materials: Chestnuts, sugar

Seven generations and 200 years in Obuse, Shinshu. I heard that it is made using the old-fashioned processing method that does not use anything but chestnuts and sugar.


Obuse-Chestnuts, a specialty of Nagano, was originally called Tanba-Chestnuts (Hyogo), but it has been improved over the years by taking advantage of Obu's acidic soil and other characteristics, and has now surpassed Tanba-Chestnuts.

The Obuse-Chestnuts have been used to make many chestnut sweets in this region, and the Kuri-Kanoko was born out of those sweets. And the name "Kuri-Kanoko" comes from the fact that the chestnuts in the bean jam look like the pattern of deer skin.

When I opened the paper box, I found a can of canned goods inside. Then I popped open the can and what came out was not so much candy as it was a dish. It's something like that. When I tried it, I was sure it was a "chestnut kinton". There was a big chestnut in the chestnut sauce, and there were some brownish pale spots on the chestnut sauce, which seemed to be astringent skin.

It has a rustic, homey flavor and once you start eating it, you can't stop. I have a sweet tooth, so I'm likely to eat as much as there is. The "chestnut kinton" is so good (you'll get scolded for that, it's just a raw sweet).

When we opened the lid, it said to eat early, but don't worry, we ate everything.
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