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Reduced salt Kurobuta-Rice
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Category: Bento (Japanese box lunch)
Product Name: Reduced Kurobuta-Rice
Raw Materials: Seasoned Meshi (rice), Grilled black pork, Chopped burdock, Pickled Chinese cabbage, Red ginger, Pickled paprika, Seasoning (amino acid, etc.), Acidifier, Sweetener (stevia, licorice), Enzyme, pH adjuster, Color (caramel color, shiso color), Thickener (processed starch), Vitamin B1, Preservative (K sorbic acid, polylysine, para-oxybenzoic acid), (Some ingredients include wheat, egg, soy)

The Kurobuta pork is sweet and rich in texture, grilled in a sauce made with Kagoshima soy sauce and red barley miso. The rice was cooked in Japanese style dashi.


In the old days, there were two types of pigs in textbooks: Yorkshire (white pigs) and Berkshire (black pigs). It now comes back to my mind with a jittery feeling. A friend of mine on the baseball team, who was called a pig, said with joy, "Yorkshire Berkshire! I remember barking and shouting, "I'm not going to do this! No, I still can't figure out what that really means. But thanks to you, I remembered that word.

The brand names of Kurobuta are Saitama Prefecture (Sainokuni Kurobuta), Gunma Prefecture (Tonkuro), Okayama Prefecture (Okayama Kurobuta), Kagawa Prefecture (Sanuki Kurobuta), and this "Kagoshima Kurobuta" is special among them. Why? Well, that's because it's delicious.

Kurobuta-Rice with pork on the whole surface in a black square bowl. When I looked closer, I found another yellow one hiding in the shadows. After that, the supporting roles are pickled gourd, burdock and red ginger.

So, when I tried to eat from the pork, I thought, wow. It's a delicious flavor for the general public. I guess it's a bit of sweet miso, but it's kind of similar to the flavor of canned food. Yes, yes, it may have a quieter taste than you think. Still, as we continued eating, the soft burdock burdock paused us, while the side dishes of red ginger and pickled mustard greens added a dynamic flavor that made the whole thing delicious.

Maybe because I ate it in the middle of winter, it was cold and the whole thing seemed to be hard. After finishing my meal, I stared at the raised bottom and admired it. It's a shame we couldn't talk about the black pig.
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