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Tokaido-Shimada-juku Kuro-Yakko
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Category: fresh confectionery
Product Name: Kuro-Yakko
Raw Materials: red beans, sugar, agar, kelp, salt, poppy seeds


The "Obi Matsuri" festival in Shimada City, Shizuoka Prefecture, is one of the three odd festivals in Japan. And the sweets that were created in honor of Yakko, who is an essential part of the Obi Festival, are called Kuro-Yakko.

Incidentally, Shimada's Obi Festival (held every three years in mid-October) is a festival at Oi Shrine to pray for the safety of the Oi River, which is modeled after a daimyo procession. It's a festival where many Yakko's wearing beautiful sashes, and the sight of them is the highlight of the festival.

When I opened the box, a large black, shiny, bean-shaped object appeared from it with a rumble. He had an enraged look on his face, saying, "This is a candy. And there are little white sesame like spots on the beans... Hmmm, I'm afraid to eat it. But we didn't want to come all the way home, so we stuck one in our mouth with a toothpick and took it to our mouth...well, it was black on the outside, but it was a fresh confectionery with an azure color inside.

It's a very mysterious food with a little salty and kombu taste on the outside, and a kind of wagashi on the inside. A white sesame (poppy seed?) on top When I snacked on it, it had a unique taste and aroma that I can't describe. Hmmm, this is a mysterious food that cannot be described in words. I'm not lying, if you like unusual things, you should eat it.
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