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Kyoho (Types of grapes)
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2508-1 Kami-Imai-cho, Kofu City, Yamanashi, Japan

Harvest Season: Early August to mid-September

The Buddhist statue of Budoji and Daizenji in Katsunuma-cho, Koshu City, which is a national treasure and is said to have been built in the early Heian period, holds a bunch of grapes.


When we think of Yamanashi, we think of grapes, and when we think of grapes, we think of Yamanashi. Among them, Kyoho (Types of Grapes) is famous for its deliciousness and high price, isn't it? However, grapes are a beautiful, very tasty looking fruit.

But that was a long time ago, and nowadays there are so many high quality varieties being produced that Kyoho is not necessarily the best...well, maybe that's a long time ago.

By the way, grapes lose their sweetness when they are cooled, so it is better to cool them in the refrigerator just before eating them. In addition, it seems that the bottom of the whole bunch is more sour and the root of the top is sweeter. Also, the white powder on the rind is called bloom, which is produced by the fruit to keep it fresh and safe to eat.

Hmmm, it's been a while since I've had Kyoho. This juicy and unique grape aroma is filled with the autumn air. Mmm, it's good. There is a rich pulp near the skin, so you can eat it by tossing the whole skin into your mouth and brushing the skin out. This Kyoho had only one or two seeds in every ten.

Come to think of it, the area around the seeds in the middle of the grapes used to be sour, but this Kyoho was all about the sweetness. Also, if you eat too much, it may leave an astringent taste in your mouth. Yes, I'd like to eat it every day, but that's not going to happen, depending on my financial situation.

[ Grape sorbet ]
ぶどうのシャーベットLater on, I bought more grapes than I could eat in one sitting... When I heard that freezing it in the freezer was not bad, I gave it a try, and although it looked a little blackened and cracked in some parts, when I ate it, the flavor of the grapes was not lost, and it became a fine-grained sorbet with a high degree of perfection. Oh this is good, belly goo. But you can't eat thawed food, eat it while it's still frozen!

One day, a great teacher was speaking on TV. I've heard that grapes can last for about a month if you cut them with scissors, leaving a little bit (about 1 mm) of the handle that supports the fruit... If you wriggle Miso by hand, you can get a small flower pattern and break the fruit, so you have to cut it with scissors.

One day I watched a TV show about a visit to a grape grower. I was under the impression that the grapes are thinned out by the bunch, but they also thin out a few more grapes from each bunch to make a large, well-rounded grape. At a grape farm in Yamanashi.
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