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Marusei Butter Sando
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Category: Confectionery
Product Name: Marusei Butter Sando
raw Materials: Sugar, flour, butter, raisins, cocoa butter, whole fat milk, eggs, almond powder, rum, brandy, salt, expander, vegetable lecithin (from soybeans), flavor

Marusei Butter Sando

A Marseille butter sandwich? To be honest, that's my impression. I think I've had a butter sandwich a few times (it's probably a "Bourbon Gateau Raisin"), but then again, what's with the Marseille at the top?

It seems to have started with the first butter produced in Hokkaido, Marusei Butter, which was commercialized by Benzo Yoda, the founder of Hokkaido's Tokachi pioneers, and the cookies with the label from that time on the wrapping paper are called Marusei Butter Sandwiches. If you look closely, you can see the mark "O" on the wrapping paper. Well, where's that follow-up "Nari" gone? Let's not worry about that.

If you look at it, you'll see, it's a buttery wrapping. Come to think of it, in the old days, butter was sold not in a box, but simply by sticking silver paper like this on the butter.

When I opened it, I found a thick, moist cookie with raisins and moist buttercream in between. I tried it, and yes, it was very good, it had to be good. Hmmm, it looks like a homemade cake made by a cake shop, doesn't it? To add to that, the rum and brandy are also included in the taste for adults. Compared to Bourbon's raisin sandwiches, this one has a more homemade feel and a more moist texture.

This is good. If you're going to buy a souvenir from Hokkaido, you should definitely buy this!

There are a lot of similar products here too (although they say that Ogawaken's Raisinwich is first). Recently (2017), 7-Eleven has been selling a lot of "generic" products, and one of them is a "rich cream raisin sandwich" similar to this Marusei butter sandwich...
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