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Echizen Seasonal Rice cooked in a pot Matsutake-Kamameshi
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Product Name: Matsutake-Kamameshi
Category: rice cooked in a pot
Raw Materials: Rice, simmered vegetables (matsutake mushroom, chicken, maitake mushroom, yamakurage, sweet shrimp, burdock, soy sauce, sugar), sweet chestnut, green peas, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), emulsifier, antioxidant (V, C), pH adjuster, souring agent, coloring (caramel, paprika, gardenia, chlorophyll, yellow 1, blue 1), sorbit, bleach (sodium hyposulfite), preservative (polylysine, sorbic acid K), flavoring (including raw materials derived from wheat, soybean, mackerel)


Matsutake mushrooms can be found all over the country, and as the season deepens, they begin to appear in Tohoku and other areas in late summer, moving southward and gradually making their way to Kyushu. However, domestic matsutake mushrooms are far from common people's taste, and nowadays, foreign products (China, Korean Peninsula, Canada) are only occasionally found in the mouths of common people.

The Echizen region is also famous for its matsutake mushrooms, which are called "Wakasa matsutake" in Fukui Prefecture.

[ Makes the Matsutake/Kamameshi of ekiben easy... ] Oh, the vessel is ceramic, but the lid is plastic, isn't it? So, I warmed it in the microwave for a minute as I wrote, and the aroma of matsutake mushroom drifted in the air.

When I tried it, the blue fish on top of it (mountain jellyfish) made a crunchy sound and the spiciness accented it nicely. Also, the balance of the ingredients in the rice with matsutake, maitake, burdock and rice is really good. Well, the sliced matsutake mushroom is big and looks good, but it's not so dignified and its flavor might be like "matsutake mushroom cooked rice". It's a mistake to expect the main body of Matsutake mushroom, so let's leave the atmosphere and aroma alone.

As always, what are you going to do with this pottery?
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