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4-3 Honcho, Nasushiobara City, Tochigi, Japan

Category: Japanese confectionery
Product Name: Onsen-manjuu
Raw Materials: red beans, sugar, flour, baking soda, salt

Best-Before Date: If the expiration date has passed, it is better to fry it in salad oil.

Meijiya's Japanese Confectionery

Kuroiso (*1) is located in the northern part of Tochigi Prefecture, in a prefecture without a sea. It's not even near the sea, but I always wonder why it's a beach. And it's not just a rock, it's a black rock with a powerful image. The shop in front of Kuroiso Station is called "Meidi-ya", which is a long-established Japanese sweets shop founded in the first year of Meiji era. It's still very popular and thriving. Hmmm, let's take one then.

(*1) Kuroiso City merged with its neighbors in 2005 to become Nasushiobara City. There are various theories as to the origin of the place name Kuroiso, such as the name of a person or the black shore of a river.

Well, for now, let's start with "Onsen-manjuu", which is the first item on the shop's website.

And when I opened the simple white paper box, one by one they were wrapped in thin plastic, which is also a simple Onsen-manjuu. Take one in your hand and hold it to your nose. Oh? It's like a faint scent of baking powder. Then I tried it, and it was so good. The salty and rich red bean jam is exquisitely matched with the subtle bitterness of the dough flour.

That's pretty good. It is delicious, that it is. It's a common cha-manju, but it's the simplicity that attracts people.

明治屋たっぷりお試しセットActually, I bought the "Meidi-ya Enrichment Trial Set" which contains the following four items.

  • Onsen-manjuu: Reported above
  • Nasuno bokka: Like nabona, but firmer and chewier, and some people like it and others don't.
  • Nasuno Spring and Autumn Naka: A square Monaka is packed in a square paper box. The contents are white bean jam and azuki bean jam. It is quite good, but it is quite sweet.
  • Handmade Dorayaki: Normal
There it is...
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