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Product Name: Mizu-Yokan
Category: fresh confectionery
Raw Materials: Sugar (zarame sugar, brown sugar), sweetened red bean paste, agar

Seasons Winter only (November-March)
Expiration Date: 5 days in refrigeration (short due to unpreserved)


I myself like to eat ice cream, even in the winter, but sometimes when I'm eating ice cream in the winter, I'm surprised by other people saying "What ?". However, when I am surprised by such a surprise, I find myself exasperated and wanting to say, "Don't you understand how delicious this is?

Well, one day I heard, "In Fukui, people like to eat Mizuyokan in winter". No, I saw it on TV. Oh, you know better, the Fukui people are (probably) smart. In addition, the "Migawa no Mizu-Yokan" that we are eating this time is a unique product that is only made in winter.

When you open the red and white paper box, there is a sea of yokan on the inside. When I turned it over, I found that it was made by dividing it into individual pieces (although the container was not detachable).

When you scoop a piece of the plump yokan with a spoon, you can't believe it! This is a flavor I've never had before. It has a lot of moisture and the texture of agar is strong, and the aroma of brown sugar is slightly in the air. The texture of yokan is not thick at all, it is light and silky and disappears into the back of our throat smoothly, and before we knew it we had eaten three or so.

I think it's low in calories and agar is rich in dietary fiber, so I think it's been eaten as a health food for a long time. It's probably because agar is made in the winter (as it's written). I don't mean to categorize it as a confectionery, but as a soul food.

This Mizu-Yokan is also known in Fukui as Decchi-Yokan.
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