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Yuzawaya Mizu-Yokan
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Product Name: fresh confectionery
Category: Nikko-Mizu-Yokan
Raw Materials: Sugar, red beans, agar

Japanese azuki beans, top white sugar and the highest quality Gifu agar are added, and it is completely additive-free.

How to Store: Store at 10°C or less
Expiration Date: About 5 days


When you walk through souvenir shops in Nikko, you will see many signs of Yokan, and among them, this Mizu-Yokan is a specialty of Nikko. Because of its characteristics, Mizu-Yokan used to be "made in winter and eaten in winter" throughout the country, but now, with the evolution of freezing technology, it has become a summer food for a long time. But even so, in some areas such as Kansai, Hokuriku and Kita-Kanto, the custom of eating in winter still persists.

When I scooped it up with a spoon, it was unexpectedly delicious. I wonder what this well-balanced flavor is. As if to soothe a sore throat in the winter, and as if to soothe it again, it slithers gently through the throat and disappears into the darkness. This is good. I reflect on myself for making fun of Mizu-Yokan until now... Nicely done.

Additive-free Mizu-Yokan with an expiry date of only 5 days is truly a winter food, and I think winter is the best time to eat it. Try it once! I'd like to say intonation in Tochigi dialect.

日光Mizu-Yokan[ Saka-Manjuu ]
We also had a steamed bun of the same Yuzawaya by the way. So, when we put on the yellowish, slightly large white steamed buns, there was no doubt that the aroma of alcohol was wafting in the air and it was a simple bun. From the hardness and aroma of the skin, I think it's best to eat it freshly steamed locally. Well, it's got a sweet bean jam inside.
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