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Round shape Mokume-Yokan
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6-3, Nishicho, Toyama City, Toyama, Japan

Product Name: Mokume-Yokan
Raw Materials: sugar, red beans, white ointment, starch syrup, agar

Best-Before Date: 4 months


I heard somewhere that the best souvenir in Toyama is "Mokume-Yokan" from Suzuki-tei, a long-established Japanese sweets shop. What? What is Mokume-Yokan? And it's a "yokan" made up of a wood grain pattern of white beans and red azuki beans interwoven. It has been around since 1866 (Keio 2), and it's called the representative confectionery of Echchu Toyama.

Don't think that it's a baumkuchen version of a yokan. The grain of the wood is technically difficult to make, and the beauty of the wood makes it a popular souvenir. In summer, they also make Mokume-sui Yokan. Hmmm, I won't be able to keep quiet after hearing that much~.

Of the two types of Mokume-Yokan, the stick type and the round type, I bought the unusual round one this time. It is a plastic container, and there is a view that turns the concept of a "yokan" on its head. And there was a rainbow-like stripe of white bean jam and azuki bean jam, and there seemed to be no smell.

When I tried it, it seemed to have a strong white bean jam flavor. Yes, it's sweet and delicious~. I haven't had a chance to eat such a sweet thing lately, but this one was eaten without any sense of discomfort, and also felt a refreshing sweetness with a good aftertaste. Yes, it's a taste that will please white bean jam lovers, but it's also a bit of an upscale taste. Well, one person can eat about 1/4 of them and be very satisfied.
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