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Tamaki's Monaka
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Vessels and artifacts Tamaki
4-7-20 Minami-odori, Utsunomiya City, Tochigi, Japan

Product Name: Monaka
Raw Materials: ice sugar, red beans, glutinous rice, wasanbon, starch syrup, agar, salt, fermented wheat

Best-Before Date: one week
80K calories/piece

Tamaki's Monaka

No. 4 (2012), after lemon milk, in the Tochigi Prefectural Product Center's best-selling ranking. I'm a wagashi lover, Dabohaze, who bought this without thinking. Apparently, this is a Monaka made in the motif of a yellow beech, a local toy of Utsunomiya (a symbol of good health and well-being in this area).

Surprisingly, it's a recent treat. In addition, I heard that Monaka was made by the owner of a shop that specializes in vessels and crafts, and that he had never made sweets before. The original design of Monaka has been registered.

The middle of the box is a cute crucian carp shape, about the size of a matchbox, in a small, surprisingly small box. Inside, it's a crumpled thing with azuki bean pudding. Once you try it, yes, it's made properly and it's a delicious middle. It's tiny, so I got about four of them right away. The two of them are enough to make a normal midday meal. Even though it's a new candy, it doesn't fit the modern age, and it's pretty sweet.

If this candy box also contained a crucian carp toy like the one on the cover picture, we'd all be so happy!
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