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Originator Mura-Suzume
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Co., Ltd. Kikka-Do
19-28, Achi 2-chome, Kurashiki City, Okayama, Japan

Category: fresh confectionery
Product Name: Mura-Suzume
Raw Materials: Flour, sugar, red beans, eggs, starch syrup, powdered agar, colorant (V.B2), expander


When I was looking for a specialty in Okayama, I came across a specialty in Kurashiki called "Mura-Suzume". Hmmm, that's a unique naming that's essential for a specialty. It was named after the shape of the candy, which resembles a sparrow with wings flocking to an ear of rice.

In the old days, people were imaginative and pushy, but they were all wonderfully talented copywriters. In the old days, when we didn't have pictures, it was called "name first" and "taste second". This "Mura-Suzume" has been around since the 10th year of Meiji.

It looks like an overturned dorayaki skin, doesn't it? And when I tried it, I knew it was definitely a dorayaki! It's so hard to say what I think of it, it's just a normal dorayaki taste. The dorayaki has a bit more of a burnt, sweet flavor, but with that part as the backing, the flavor comes later. Hmmm, it would normally be delicious.

By the way, I thought it's strange that they call themselves "Original Mura-Suzume", but then I heard that "Mura-Suzume" is made by several shops in Kurashiki city and they use different kanji characters such as "Murajaku" and "Hiragana" to display their products. Well, I heard that they look pretty much the same.
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