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Co., Ltd. Nayabashi-Manjuu Hirata-machi-ten
55, Iida-machi, Higashi-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi , Japan

Product Name: Nayabashi-Manjuu
Category: fresh confectionery
Raw Materials: adzuki beans (tokachi, hokkaido), sugar, wheat flour, sake yeast, koji, mochi rice (mochi rice), trehalose

No preservatives or colorings are used.

Expiration Date: Three days, including the date of manufacture.


This "Nayabashi-Manjuu" is so popular among Nagoya people that there is no one who doesn't know about it. And, it is a steamed bun made by the long-established company established in 19 years of Meiji era, which is wrapped in a bean paste. So, it's a good all-purpose manjuu (manju) for memorial service, tea ceremony and souvenir. That's why it's been so difficult to make it to the national scene.

I ordered it online, and it arrived on the second day of the three-day consumption period. So, you should eat it right away~.

When I opened the package, I could smell the aroma of alcohol naturally. Oh, here they come, the sake buns. If you try it as a make-believe, the white outer crust is already tough after the second day of production, but even so, the koshi-an (sweet red bean paste) inside is still sticky and maintains the overall balance. Hmmm, in this case, it's limited to the third day of production~ If it's the third day, it may need to be baked or something else~. If possible, it is a bun that I want to eat immediately after taking out of the sailor, right~?

It is a simple homemade steamed bun that was often seen in the old days and is associated with nature. I miss it so much that sometimes I just want to eat it uncontrollably. But now, it seems to have been replaced by nikuman and anman...

I baked and ate it on the third day and it was berry good. After all, the warm one is better and the savory one is also better.

Afterwards, I found a different wrapping paper, Nayabashi-Manjuu. It seems that Nayabashi-Manjuu is made by two houses, the main house and a branch house (Mansoan and Hiratacho), and they are competing with each other in various places.

2017.01) Apparently, the main store has been closed since last December. My husband isn't feeling well, or something.
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