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1877 Nakamachi, Matsusaka City, Mie, Japan

Category: Confectionery
Product Name: Oino-Tomo
Raw Materials: White bean jam, sugar, starch syrup, agar, glutinous rice, coloring (beni koji)

Best-Before Date: It was now two weeks later.


In a special book about sweets, I found a unique sweets... It's a slightly high color like a red jam on the middle of a monaka, and it has a novel design that looks like it was painted on only one side. However, the name was the opposite of Haikala's, "Oino-Tomo", which is a strange name.

I can't imagine what it tastes like. I think I can imagine the texture... That's how it is, so we'll send it to you.

The Oino-Tomo, which dances out of the box, is an unexpectedly strong structure, half of which resembles the skin of a middle, and half of which resembles fu, with a red object (dry when touched with a hand) on one side of it, sticking to it like a net. It was a different world of dryness than I had imagined, and if I had to say it as I thought it would be, it was somehow the flavor of sweetened natto in the middle.

What the hell is this candy. These are sweets that are never born in this day and age, in better words, "simple and gentle" or in worse words, "unremarkable". Oh, come to think of it, this dry texture is similar to Ogi Yokan.

Well, wait a minute, I'm talking about Oino-Tomo, so maybe it's not something I can understand now, but something I'll be able to appreciate when the time comes.
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