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JA Okinawa Yaeyama-shiten
1, Shinei-cho, Ishigaki City, Okinawa, Japan

Category: Pineapple
Product Name: Snack Pine
Harvest Season: April - May


If you go on a sightseeing trip to Okinawa, you can't avoid sugar cane and Pineapple because they are a staple. When we got on a sightseeing bus, a guide gave us a bamboo-like sugarcane as a matter of course, but we were not used to sugarcane, so we couldn't bring ourselves to tear it out with our teeth (like a young lady guide).

The tourist route leads (naturally) to Pineapple orchards, where they sell ripe Pineapple as well as small Pineapple growing kits. The kit consisted of a small pot filled with clay-based red clay and planted with Pineapple buds. I remember buying one for myself and one for a friend, but it didn't grow in the end. Of course, I guess it's because of the way I raised them, such as temperature control... Oh, and I laugh bitterly when my friend responds with a thoughtful, "You're growing up properly".

This time, Okinawa Pineapple is a variety called Bogor, and the harvest season is short, from April to May, and the production is low. The feature is that you can tear it off by hand and eat it. Smaller, less juicy and more sweet. And the jaggedness of the leaves is very painful.

As written in the attached instruction manual "How to eat", after cutting the bottom flat, I tore it off by hand, and the block came off properly though it was a little hard. Well, it's not too bad in that way, but in the end, I ended up cutting it with a knife like a watermelon and eating it. I'm sorry.

The core of the Pineapple is a little hard, but you can eat it crispy too. It's sweet in the center and gets sourer as it gets closer to the skin...the difficulty with Pineapple is that it's hard to eat, but this Pineapple is easy to eat and tastes good again. Well, I guess the next difficulty is the price.

Incidentally, there is a variety of Pineapple born in Okinawa called Peach Pineapple. As the name suggests, it tastes like a peach. It's a little small and apparently very sweet~.
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