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European-style baked Confectionery Raicho-No-Sato
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Category: Confectionery
Product Name: Raicho-No-Sato
Raw Materials: Sugar, flour, vegetable oil, skimmed milk powder, chicken egg, lactose, salt, emulsifier (from soybean), expander, lysine

Best-Before Date: It had been less than three months


Raicho-No-Sato, a specialty of Shinshu, is a name we sometimes hear about, but we have never eaten it. When I was a student, I had a good friend who was from Nagano, but I don't remember eating it.

By the way, the Thunderbird is a rare bird that lives only in Nagano and its neighboring prefectures, and it looks like a pheasant found all over the country, but it's a little different. Actually, when I was in elementary school, for no apparent reason, I thought, "That's a pheasant! It was something that I had thought of as "I don't know what to do.

Raicho-No-Sato is surprisingly light with the box. What came out of the solemn package was a creamy treat sandwiched between the ubiquitous wafer-thinners. However, when I tried it, I was surprised in a good way this time.

When I put it in my mouth, I thought it was a bit hard, but then a little saltiness came into the air, and gradually I thought, "Oh, this is delicious! It's the kind of candy that makes you mumble, "Oh, my God! The wafers have just the right amount of bitterness (just like the Isobe Senmochi in Gunma), and it dovetails perfectly with the rich board cream inside. I don't know, this is good.

I thought it was just a piece to taste, but it was so strangely tasty that I went to take another piece. At first glance, it looked like a trick-or-treating job, but they did a good job, didn't they? Later, when I looked at the image, I realized that the letters on the wafers are "Raicho-No-Sato".
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