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Sand dune Tamari Rakkyo
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Tottori Inaba Agricultural Cooperative Association
Fukube Rakkyo processing plant
318 Amo, Fukube-cho, Tottori City, Tottori, Japan

Category: Sweet and sour pickled Rakkyo
Raw Materials: Rakkyo (From Tottori Prefecture)
Pickling Raw Materials: Sugar (sugar, sugar syrup), brewed vinegar, salt, soy sauce, apple vinegar, honey (some ingredients include soybeans and wheat)

Harvest Season: May to June

Tottori Rakkyo

When you think of Rakkyo, what comes to mind is the curry and rice dish. It is often used in curry and rice, but at Rakkyo as a whole, pickled salt is also often eaten.

Fukube-cho, Tottori City is one of the leading production areas of Rakkyo in Japan. The dune Rakkyo, a specialty of this area, is cultivated in a dune field adjacent to the Tottori Sand Dunes, and when planted in August, purple flowers shaped like fishing bells will bloom in mid-October, and the harvest season will begin around May or June of the following year. It has been 100 years since Rakkyo cultivation began in earnest here. It's often eaten at local homes and also served in school lunches.

I took out the bag of Rakkyo soaked in liquid and smelled it, and it smelled sweet and delicious... I thought Rakkyo was more sour and sour. When I ate one, I found that it was still a Rakkyo, but with a slightly sweeter and deeper flavor. Yes, this is delicious.

I've never had a meal at Rakkyo before, but it's a good meal too. This is a good snack for sake too. Hmmm, good food is good. The flavor of this tamari soy sauce is very Japanese, isn't it?

However, if you eat too much, you'll get a bit of a mouthful. After all, it is just right to eat it in moderation as a condiment.

Rakkyo can be eaten raw and crispy, chopped like an onion and poured over rice, then topped with bonito flakes and raw egg to make Rakkyo-don. Rakkyo baked in a frying pan is also said to be delicious.

Come to think of it, both regular Rakkyo and Tottori Rakkyo cut off the long, thin parts and soak the thick parts in Rakkyo, but for some reason Okinawa's "island Rakkyo" eat the whole thing while it's still long, don't they?
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