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Root Beer 355ml
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Importer:Marumasa Shoji Co., Ltd.
2-4-6, Irijima, Urasoe City, Okinawa, Japan

Category: Carbonated drinks
Product Name: Root Beer
Raw Materials: carbonated water, corn syrup, caramel color, preservative (sodium benzoate), flavoring, emulsifier (kiraya extract)

170kcal / can

Shelf Life: Nine and a half months when it arrived.

Root Beer

When I think of Coke, I think of Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, and all those major beverages. However, in fact, there is a regional cola in a certain place, and it's called Ko-Up Galana from Hokkaido, which I reported on earlier. So, this time I happened to come across a southern Okinawa cola called Root Beer. So, this time, we decided to try Root Beer, a cola from southern Okinawa, which we happened to meet by chance. Be-.

By the way, Root Beer is a soft drink (non-alcoholic) that originated in the United States and grows in the tropics. The main ingredient is the root of the sarsaparilla plant, which is a member of the vine family, and mixed with several herbs. It seems to be a thing. It has been passed on to Okinawa during the American occupation, and has not disappeared. It is sold only in Okinawa and Ogasawara, and on the mainland, it is drunk at U.S. military bases. Yes. And it's a sibutoy beverage that has a 3% market share in the US today!

Root Beer is one of Okinawa's leading fast food chains, A&W (aka Ender, in the prefecture) The beverage is offered at all-you-can-drink at (23 stores). Locally, it costs 45 yen per can, but is sold online for around 100 yen (as of 2019).

There's also an alternative beverage called Ryukyu Cola by Okinawa Bottlers.

And when I poured it into the cup, the foam was the same as Coca-Cola. Then I took a sniff and found that it smelled exactly like a poultice. And then, hesitating a little bit, I finally gulped it down. Wow, this is the sweet poultice itself~. "Tomi, ahhh~, wow~". It looks like it would be effective even if you applied it to your shoulder. Then, a family member who was watching them said, "Your face is all crumpled up~". So I gave up at that point.

But my family, who had kept Coca-Cola away from me because of its medicinal smell, drank it and said it smelled like a poultice. Yeah, I'm drinking normally, and I'm a big ballsy guy~. Yes, I'll have all the rest of the 12 cans I bought!

So, I thought I could drink Coke, Dr. Pepper or whatever, but I lost all confidence in myself and realized how wide the world is.

I remembered that there is a new trick that says "if you eat it three times, it tastes better" (that's what I think). I tried to take it for 3 days, but it didn't work. But still, it was no good. Yes, it's like my system of defense against accidental ingestion is working to protect me from the things I shouldn't be drinking.
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