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Co., Ltd. Kotobuki-Sanshoku-Monaka-Honpo
254-3, Masuda Yanagida, Natori City, Miyagi, Japan

Category: Confectionery
Raw Materials: Red Beans, White Red Beans, Sesame Seeds, Sugar, Water Candy, Agar, Glutinous Rice

Best-Before Date: 9 Days


A famous commercial in Miyagi Prefecture, "Even if you eat one, there are three deliciousnesses. I've heard the "Kotobuki, Kotobuki, Kotobuki's", "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! I've loved and eaten them since I was a kid, so sometimes I just want to eat them uncontrollably. And when I ate it, this song came back to my mind naturally. Singing is a terrible thing.

For some reason, Shiramatsu ga Monaka is sold more than Sanshoku-Monaka in Sendai City. I guess it can't be helped because "Shiramatsu ga Monaka" is made in Sendai City and "Sanshoku-Monaka" is made in the neighboring city of Natori. No, the size of the company is also different.

Sanshoku-Monaka has three kinds of bean jam: azuki, white azuki (Otei-o) and sesame in the middle. The crust of the dessert has a groove in it that looks like it's divided into three pieces, so you can enjoy the flavor of each piece of dessert by eating it along the groove. Of course, you can also break it up and eat it by hand from the beginning.

When I actually tried it, I found out that the only thing in the middle was the anko (Japanese apricot). Three flavors in one, isn't that the best kind of midst! I like this white bean jam (white azuki beans) the best. Ah, because it's so sweet, I'm sure the tea will go well.

It's not a big business to begin with, so when it comes to souvenirs, they are often sold out, which is pretty tough.
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